What are the main applications of biometric technology?

What are the main applications of biometric technology?

Biometric recognition technology mainly includes fingerprint recognition, face recognition, finger vein recognition, palm vein recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, etc.

At present, fingerprint recognition is the most widely used technology, accounting for 58% of all recognition products, occupying an absolute dominant position. Face recognition products have developed rapidly in recent years, accounting for 7%, and iris recognition products are 6%.

What are the main applications of biometric technology?
So, which fields are these products mainly used in? We introduce two parts: traditional fields and emerging fields.

  Four traditional fields

The attendance market, mainly using fingerprint recognition

The attendance market is the most traditional and well-known market for biometrics, and it is also one of the main application areas of biometrics.

The traditional time and attendance market are almost dominated by fingerprint recognition technology. However, with the development of other biometric technologies, face recognition relies on its non-contact and long-distance advantages, and vein recognition with its non-contact advantages has begun to gradually intervene. Attendance market.

It is reported that the current capacity of this market has reached a scale of nearly one billion yuan per year.

   Door lock market, mainly for fingerprint and face recognition

The door lock is the first application of biometric technology to enter the mass consumer market. Especially in recent years, smart door locks using biometric technology have slowly begun to replace traditional locks.

What are the main applications of biometric technology?
According to statistics, more than 80% of urban users in my country have the need to install smart door locks, so the overall size of the smart door lock market exceeds 300 billion yuan.

Smart door lock products are mainly based on fingerprint recognition and face recognition. Many safes also use biometric locks.

   Building intercom market, mainly fingerprint recognition

In recent years, the development of smart communities has put forward higher requirements for the building intercom industry, and low-grade intercom products cannot meet the needs of smart community construction. It needs a more intelligent building intercom system, which brings market opportunities to the combination of biometric technology and building intercom.

At present, many building intercom companies have aggressively entered the biometric field, and are committed to developing building intercom products that integrate biometric technology.

   Consumer product market, focusing on face and fingerprint recognition

The consumer product market is mainly represented by mobile devices such as mobile phones. The new mobile phones released by major mobile phone companies in the past two years have launched products and applications with their own biometrics. It seems that mobile phones without fingerprint recognition or iris recognition technology cannot Like the listing, their annual shipments are in the tens of millions.

The rapid popularization of smartphones has greatly promoted the outbreak of the biometrics industry. In addition, face recognition payment, fingerprint recognition payment, etc. represented by Alipay are also huge application areas of biometric technology.

  Three emerging areas

  Security field

Biometrics is a popular technology in the security industry, and its popularity in the industry continues to increase. Especially in the field of intelligent monitoring.

What are the main applications of biometric technology?
At present, the application market represented by face recognition and human behavior recognition is growing. Many security companies have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the field of biometrics, and some companies have achieved a lot of results.

  The recognition market brought by the real-name system

Before the Spring Festival, the “face recognition channel” at Beijing West Railway Station and other stations had a sense of existence. During the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, before checking into the hotel, it must be certified by the combination of human and certificate. The Shenzhen Metro will soon launch a biometric fare collection system.

As the country’s requirements for real-name systems become higher and higher, biometrics, a technology that “can prove that you are the one and only you”, will surely gain the favor of relevant government departments.

  Specially subdivided industries

In fact, with the development of biometric technology, the application of biometric technology will never be limited to the fields mentioned above.

All places that require identity authentication and identification will be included in the biometrics market. For example, communities, finance, medical care, education, transportation, social security, and other fields all have a very broad application space, so the market potential of biometric technology is immeasurable.

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