The iPhone12 regular version and the Pro version have almost the same hardware

The iPhone12 regular version and the Pro version have almost the same hardware

Some time ago, after Apple lifted the ban on third-party trials and evaluations, someone on the Internet disassembled the Apple iPhone12 Pro and found that the internal structure of this phone seems to be exactly the same as the Apple iPhone12. Isn’t that the case? Recently, the well-known dismantling agency iFixit verified the authenticity with actions. They dismantled Apple iPhone12 and Apple iPhone12 Pro, and the interior is almost identical. Of course, due to the different cameras, a little difference can be seen in some places.

It can be seen that the Apple iPhone12 disassembled by iFixit is also blue. In fact, the sizes of the two phones are exactly the same. This is the news that has been confirmed before the release, and it also makes it possible for the two phones to adopt the same structural design. The following is the internal diagram they disassembled and shared. Let’s start to Play this finding the difference game.

The first is the Apple iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro with the screen removed. Can you see the difference between the two? It seems that the two can only be distinguished by the color of the border. Of course, you can actually see that the camera cover is still a bit different, but the difference is limited to this.

Remove the speaker at the bottom of the phone, you can see that the other internal components are exactly the same. In fact, iFixit proved that the accessories of the two phones are interchangeable. Of course, this is only possible at the physical layer. The actual situation is how can Apple allow you to do this kind of thing? As for the accessories that can be controlled by the data cable, Apple basically has a corresponding verification mechanism to ensure that the accessories are not compatible with each other, and the same model does not work, everyone who has changed accessories from a third party probably understands.

Well, it’s time to talk about the different parts, and that is the camera. Apple iPhone12 Pro is three-camera and has lidar, so the module is more complicated. And the part of the camera that has the greatest impact on the internal structure, Apple iPhone12 is directly installed with a plastic sheet to fill the space. However, the circuit and accessory positions and cables on the top of the phone have been slightly adjusted, but the adjustment range is very small and limited to a few components, such as the flash next to the camera.

In summary, Apple iPhone12 and iPhone12 Pro are indeed “mock dolls”. This is the most cost-effective method for mobile phone hardware research and development. However, forcing the two different mobile phones to be made the same internally will also As a result, the internal space utilization rate is low. This is not for the plastic sheet in the Apple iPhone12, but for both models. So the battery capacity of iPhone12 Pro is not as good as iPhone11 Pro, because it discards the best solution.

Of course, don’t even think about buying a back cover “upgrade”. Apple is strictly guarding this. If more than 6,000 mobile phones can be turned into more than 8,000 with a screwdriver, who else will Apple iPhone12 Pro sell to? The situation of hardware dolls is not uncommon in the field of research and development, and it is more suitable as a topic to join in the fun.

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