Sony 5G takes another path, 4K screen + 5400mAh + 150x zoom, this is the strength of Sony

Sony 5G takes another path, 4K screen + 5400mAh + 150x zoom, this is the strength of Sony

Competition in the mobile phone market has always been cruel, so many mobile phones are sold at lower prices every once in a while to recover certain losses. At the same time, some mobile phone manufacturers are not welcome in the mobile phone market, such as Sony. Although Sony developed the mobile phone business earlier, the smartphones developed by Sony are relatively rigid and single, and cannot meet the diverse needs of consumers. For this reason, Sony is also actively changing, but just recently the Japanese media exposed Sony’s new 5G flagship mobile phone, allowing consumers to see Sony’s sincerity.

It is reported that this Sony 5G flagship will be equipped with a ring-shaped five-camera, but the parameters of the three cameras are currently disclosed, namely, a 100-megapixel main camera, a 40-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, and a 20-megapixel periscope telephoto, but the periscope long The focus is special and supports up to 150x digital zoom. In terms of key hardware, Sony’s 5G flagship is equipped with a Density 2000plus processor. It is reported that this processor uses a built-in 5G baseband, reducing power consumption by 20% and adding new image processing technology.

For the heat dissipation part, this time the Sony 5G flagship is equipped with a rack-mounted liquid cooling system with a built-in brand new heat sink, which can cool up to 16 degrees. Sony’s 5G flagship will use a 6.67-inch eight-curved display, made of AMOLED, with a resolution of 4K, but the specific refresh rate is not disclosed. The last part is the battery life. This new Sony 5G new flagship will have a built-in 5400 mAh battery, support smart power-saving technology, and upgrade the fast charge to 100W.

Among the mobile phone manufacturers, Sony has always been a relatively marginal manufacturer. Although it has strong strength, the products it builds every time are not implemented, or go against the wishes of consumers, resulting in poor sales of mobile phones. But after the exposure of this Sony 5G flagship, Sony’s mind can be seen from the specific configuration. The configuration is top-notch, and there are no shortcomings. Once listed, it is believed that it will become an explosion in the market. However, at present, the Sony 5G flagship has not announced the specific price, the only news about the time to market, it is reported that it will be released in March next year, so such a comprehensive Sony 5G flagship, everyone thinks it is not worth the wait What?

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