Shenzhen Unicom opens 5G experience, users marvel at how fast 5G speed is

Shenzhen Unicom opens 5G experience, users marvel at how fast 5G speed is

As Shenzhen Unicom’s 5G limited-time experience activities are being launched, major business halls in Shenzhen have successively opened 5G services. So how can users obtain 5G traffic to achieve 5G network access? The reporter came to a Unicom business hall in Shenzhen with doubts.

In the business hall, some citizens are already visiting and experiencing 5G mobile phones, and they are consulting for 5G experience activities.

The staff of Unicom’s business hall said that in early August, Shenzhen Unicom launched a “monthly delivery of 100GB data, 5G limited-time experience event”, and the event ended at the end of September. For 5G mobile phones purchased through regular channels, without changing the card or number, you can get a 100GB 5G data experience package for free through the online APP or go to the local business hall.

The reporter learned that in addition to the official website of the mobile phone, the 5G mobile phones currently on the market are also sold simultaneously in some business halls of Shenzhen Unicom. Users who meet the requirements of the package can go to these business halls to buy 5G mobile phones and receive 100G super-large data for free on-site or app. package.

Subsequently, under the guidance of the staff of the business hall, the reporter inserted the Unicom SIM card into the 5G mobile phone to activate, after activation, download the “China Unicom mobile phone business hall” APP to log in, and then click “Service-Innovation-5G Information-5G Experience” Package” to receive the 5G data experience package. Afterward, the reporter received a text message reminder of successful handling, indicating that the data package has been successfully received and can enjoy a 5G rate experience of up to 1Gbps. The event will automatically expire at the end of September.

Shenzhen Unicom opens 5G experience, users marvel at how fast 5G speed is

After the application was successfully processed, the reporter immediately opened the video website and watched the high-definition movie online, and found that under the 5G network, dragging the progress bar at random was not buffered, and the movie playback was very smooth. At the scene, a citizen shared the experience of experiencing the 5G network, “I watched the video with a 5G data package. The picture quality is very clear, and the sound actions are almost synchronized, without any freezes.”

It is worth noting that in addition to the relevant 5G mobile phones on display, the business hall also has rich pan-terminal products such as VR glasses, smart speakers, and smart bracelets. There are also citizens wearing VR glasses to personally experience the fun of VR games under 5G networks. Experience.

It is reported that after the issuance of 5G licenses, Shenzhen’s 5G construction has further increased. Currently, Shenzhen Unicom has achieved 5G network coverage in Qianhai, Dongmen, Huaqiangbei, Xin’an, Fuyong, Shajing, Longgang Center, Pingshan Center, Guangming New District, and other areas.

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