Weilai Automobile’s business philosophy is full of mystery

Selected by "Fortune" magazine to win the trust of users, Weilai Automobile's business philosophy is full of mystery

In the list of 100 companies that will change the world in 2020 released by Fortune magazine recently, NIO was successfully selected for launching the BaaS (Battery as a Service) battery rental service based on the separation of car and electricity, becoming the only auto company on the list, And in recent years, Weilai Automobile has repeatedly won praises from inside and outside the industry with its strength to prove the leading and forward-looking brand of the brand.

The main reason for the “Fortune” magazine is that the specific operation of the car and electricity separation service is that consumers can choose to buy only the car without buying the battery. The battery part needs to pay a monthly battery service fee, which in turn reduces the cost of the first car purchase, making more Fans who love Weilai will not extend the time of owning Weilai cars due to price issues.

This service is an innovative move for the industry and a new way for users to save money and worry. Fortune magazine commented: “Buying electric cars without batteries is an innovation of the Chinese electric car brand NIO. Business model. This model is changing this industry constrained by high prices, mileage anxiety, and insufficient charging facilities. Weilai launched a battery rental service (BaaS) based on the separation of car and electricity, allowing users to purchase electric cars separately and rent batteries to provide The rechargeable, replaceable, and upgradeable flexible battery service will make the car and service more flexible, which is the consistent insistence of NIO.

Selected by "Fortune" magazine to win the trust of users, Weilai Automobile's business philosophy is full of mystery

What is even more gratifying to users is that all the concepts and ideas of Weilai Auto not only stay on paper but are also implemented in reality. Li Bin, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Weilai said that Weilai has deployed in more than 60 cities so far. 143 replacement power stations have been replaced, and more than 800,000 replacement power replacement services have been achieved. Now there are thousands of replacement power replacement services every day, and the bit of service is finally converted into the trust of users. The ultimate goal of this model is to break the barriers to car ownership of electric vehicles, and then promote zero-carbon emissions in transportation, and bring the concept of electric life to every user and friend, and implant it in our lives.

The way of getting along with people in life is philosophical, so for an innovative company, the way of operation requires in-depth thinking. Obviously, NIO is leading the industry in terms of technology, products, and services. level. And this month, Li Bin, chairman of Shanghai Weilai Automobile Co., Ltd., will attend the Fifth Power Battery Application International Summit (CBIS2020) and the first China New Energy and New Materials (Ningde) Summit and will publish a discussion on the value chain of power exchange. In the keynote speech, discuss the value and prospects of the power exchange business model with the guests, and jointly understand, think, and discuss Li Bin’s power exchange philosophy, “Let’s power up together, change the world!”, find the blind spot of knowledge in the exchange and discussion, and Excavate the real needs of users to correct the correct direction of enterprise development.

Perhaps as a car manufacturer, NIO does not have a long history, and as a technology company does not have absolute top technology, but it is indeed a car company that integrates technology into daily life among car companies, and it has won To the trust of more users.

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