Mi 10 Extreme Edition defeats iQOO5

Mi 10 Extreme Edition defeats iQOO5

It’s time for the popular Android phone performance rankings again. The well-known domestic data testing software AnTuTu today announced the performance rankings of Android flagship and mid-range phones in September 2020. Although many people are quite critical of AnTuTu, they think that its judging criteria are water, especially the excessive ingredients that favor millet. He also named Ann Tutu “Lei Tutu”

It means that Lei Jun had invested in AnTuTu in the early days, but to be honest, Xiaozhi sneered at these rumors. Just like many netizens call Master Lu Master Hua, they say Master Lu always helps Huawei. But in fact, this is survivor bias.

It is true that Antutu often ranks Xiaomi or Redmi models in the first or forefront of performance and cost performance rankings, but more of the rankings Xiaomi is lagging behind, and even unable to enter the list. , This is also obvious to all. Besides, AnTuTu feeds on evaluation. You can say that its evaluation standards are not in line with your mind, but cheating is impossible.

Take the latest Android flagship mobile phone performance rankings. Everyone thought that the Mi 10 Extreme Edition would rank first because, in the previous running scores and actual tests, the Mi 10 Extreme Edition is equipped with the exclusive optimized MIUI12 system. And new interactive animation

To be able to maximize the performance of the Snapdragon 865, it should be the number one Android phone performance. As a result, in this latest ranking, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition is only ranked third, and the first and second places are occupied by Vivo’s iQOO5 series. As for the iQOO5 series, which is positioned itself to kill the Mi 10 Extreme Edition, this time it can be said to be a win over the Mi 10 Extreme Edition.

iQOO5 Pro is well-deserved for ranking first. In terms of configuration, it does not lose the Mi 10 Extreme Edition. It also has a 120W super-fast charging killer, as well as a customized Samsung OLED screen that supports 120HZ refresh and professional HIFI audio chips. It’s very comprehensive.

In terms of price, both the iqoo5 or the higher-end iqoo5 Pro is much cheaper than the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Edition. So this wave of Antutu can be said to prove once again that he is not “Thunder Bunny”. Of course, the iQOO5 series can achieve such results is also a proof of its own strength, it is not who came to charity. The strongest performance + the strongest cost-effective flagship, this wave of iQOO5 series is stable!

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