iPhone 11 Pro is going to be discontinued, but the price is now reduced

iPhone 11 Pro is going to be discontinued, but the price is now reduced

Recently, many readers asked me, after the release of the iPhone 12 series, will the price of the iPhone 11 series be reduced? The answer is of course yes. Generally speaking, whenever Apple announces the price information of a new iPhone, it will immediately reduce the price of the old iPhone. Of course, Apple has not been radical enough in reducing prices, and no matter how much it reduces, the price of e-commerce platforms is not comparable. For example, the iPhone 11 series currently has a maximum price cut of 2,000 yuan on a certain east platform. As usual, after the iPhone 12 series is released, Apple’s official price cut for the 11 series must be much lower than this value.

However, the situation this year is not easy to say, because with the release of the iPhone 12 series, Apple will remove the two models of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max from the official website. Only one iPhone 11 will continue to be sold at a reduced price. After all, last year This is how the iPhone XS series was handled when the iPhone 11 series was released. And a few days ago there was news that Apple would discontinue the production of three old models after the release of the new iPhone. According to appetites, three models will be discontinued shortly after the release of the iPhone 12 series. There is no suspense about the three models that will be discontinued, namely the iPhone 11 Pro series and iPhone XR currently on sale on Apple’s official website.

iPhone 11 Pro is going to be discontinued, but the price is now reduced

In other words, the period from now to the official release of the new iPhone may be the last period of the iPhone 11 Pro series sales. So it seems that the price of the iPhone 11 Pro series, including the iPhone 11, is currently being cut very sharply. Is it worth starting now? Let’s briefly review the basic situation of this series of mobile phones. The first is the iPhone 11. As an iterative model of iPhone XR, this machine has successfully copied the successful experience of XR. This must be based on price. The price of the iPhone 11 on a certain east platform is 4599 yuan, which is 900 yuan cheaper than the listed price. If you are a student, you can also drop another 100 yuan.

The current price of iPhone 11 Pro on a certain Dong platform is starting at 6899 yuan, and the price has dropped by 1,800 yuan, but there is no student discount. It may be that certain Dong thinks this price basis is not suitable for student groups! iPhone 11 Pro is the smallest screen in the 11 series. It uses a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which is very suitable for small-screen enthusiasts. In terms of configuration, the machine is equipped with an A13 chip, standard 64GB storage, a battery capacity of 3190mAh, and a standard 18W power adapter (iPhone 11 does not). The battery life is not bad. The rear lens is a three-camera solution, which is a 12 million pixel wide-angle main camera + 12 million pixel ultra-wide angle + 12 million pixel telephoto lens combination.

And the model with the highest price cut of 2,000 yuan mentioned earlier is the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the highest specifications in the series. The current price of this machine on a certain Dong platform is 7,599 yuan, but unfortunately, certain Dong also did not offer this. Mobile phones are prepared for student discounts. The core configuration of this phone is almost the same as the appearance ID and 11 Pro. The difference in details lies in the body size and battery capacity. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the largest in the 11 series, with a screen size of 6.5 inches. The body is also larger, so the battery capacity is also the highest, the machine has a built-in 3969mAh battery, and also comes standard with an 18W power adapter.

Seeing this, some students may ask, iPhone 11 has been reduced in price, is there any news on the second generation of iPhone SE? Of course, Apple Lab announced that after the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple will reduce the price of the iPhone SE. The starting price will be lowered from US$399 to US$349. If converted into RMB, the new price should be around 2399 yuan. Less than half a year after its launch, the price cuts. Except for the iPhone XR, Apple seems to have not done this to other iPhones. In addition, the second generation of iPhone SE currently has a price cut in a certain Dongshang, but not in the form of a price reduction, but a discount of 200 yuan for students.

As for whether it is worth starting, it is worth starting from a product perspective alone. Its biggest shortcoming is that it does not support 5G. If this question is changed to whether it is suitable to start, my answer will become negative. Although the current rumored iPhone 12 series is not upgraded, the key word 5G is enough to make me stick to it for a while. As for the second generation of iPhone SE, it is not a mainstream product. I think before asking whether it is worth it, you already have the answer in your mind.

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