Huawei Nova7 SE Vitality Edition

Huawei nova7 SE Vitality Edition

For the current Huawei mobile phones, I believe that many netizens are paying attention to the supply of products. Some of the earlier products on the market are out of stock, but Huawei has not stopped to launch new products. For example, after Huawei’s nova7 SE, Huawei’s nova7 SE will be launched on October 16th. This phone has replaced the MediaTek chip but still maintains high performance. This is because its chip is the one that Antutu ran out of 340,000 points. paragraph.

Huawei’s nova7 SE Vitality Edition has replaced its own Kirin 820 with MediaTek’s MTK Dimensity 800U. This is a chip that has just been launched. It’s a pity that Huawei did not grab the first launch, but it is of the size of Huawei. In other words, the problem of satisfying large quantities of supply is not big. However, the price of this phone is still unclear. Judging from the price of Huawei nova7 SE, this version may also be set at around 2,000 yuan.

However, compared with other mobile phones, Huawei’s nova7 SE dynamic version is still very selling points. First of all, the appearance of the mobile phone is very attractive. The product features a high-value appearance, and the main product is the silver moon star color matching, which is very fashionable. Secondly, Huawei is equipped with a 6.5-inch pole screen, which is comfortable to operate and has a 96% NTSC color gamut. It is a screen with pretty good color performance, but because of the LCD screen, it uses a side fingerprint solution.

In the camera part, this phone has 1600W pixels on the front, which is quite satisfactory, but with a BM3D SLR-level noise reduction algorithm; the rear is a 6400W pixel quad camera with an 800W pixel ultra-wide-angle camera, which supports 960fps slow motion and 4K video shooting. This phone also has flagship selling points.

In terms of performance, the performance of the Kirin 820 is very good, and the MediaTek MTK Dimensity 800U as a new chip also has quite good performance. Before this, another first model has run out an Antutu score of 340,000. Whether to use or play entertainment, Dimensity 800U can meet the requirements very well.

The biggest suspense for this phone is the price, but for the Huawei nova series, the selling point of the product is not all on the core hardware such as CPU and memory, but the overall optimization brings a good user experience. Therefore, the price cannot be simply compared with the models with the same configuration. In short, Huawei nova7 SE is out of stock. If you want to buy it, this dynamic version is still worth considering.

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