Check it out, robots will take your job?

Check it out, robots will take your job?

In the last issue, we talked about the safety of smart robots. In this issue, we will talk about the job issue. In other words, will robots take away our work?

Someone asked, the robot that mankind made by himself eventually took away his job. Isn’t it doing evil by himself? Either logic is unreasonable, or alarmist!

In fact, think about it, are the people who created the robots the same group of people who were robbed of their jobs? Is the drugmaker the same group as the drug user?

Besides, is there still less chestnuts in NO ZUO NO DIE? What’s more, how many people can care about their feelings? The greed of human nature and the inertia of society must rush toward this trend that no one can stop!

You know, no matter how terrible the atomic bomb is, it is still created; no matter how terrible the environmental sequelae caused by industrialization, no one can stop it; no matter how serious the social alienation caused by technology, it is still unable to extricate itself… This is the paradox of human self-evolution. This is human nature. In the same way, this time the new wave of AI is coming, and I will say that no matter how serious the consequences are, no one can stop it!

Someone asked again, is it spicy? One day robots will take away my job? Dare to take my job? ! Now these gang of robots looks dull, they can’t go to the construction site to move bricks, and still have the ability to grab the job of my brain work? Bo people eyeballs, nonsense.

You know, if you were a farmer in Bailuyuan at the beginning of the 20th century, you wouldn’t be able to imagine it even if you were killed. Today, right? By the same token, in the future 20-30 years of technological explosion, most people can’t think of what it can develop into!

Check it out, robots will take your job?

In fact, the big guys already have a preconceived and inherent impression of the appearance and action posture of an intelligent robot. It is easy for people to ignore the technological mutations that are occurring-cheap sensors, distributed intelligence, and evolutionary. Algorithm…The widely commercialized AI will touch all types of work including manual labor and mental labor.

First of all, industrial robots will substantially replace assembly line workers. Which capitalist will reject low-cost, efficient and easy-to-use robots? Guo Taiming no longer has to worry about the worker’s N jump. From assembling Apple and Tesla, to picking real apples on the farm, to self-driving cars, trucks and taxis, robots consolidate their existing sites while constantly eroding seemingly impossible industries.

Soon, the tentacles of others will touch your job, or even take it away. A lot of traditional media people who have transitioned are not just real chestnuts! Behind the rise of new media, artificial intelligence is actually supporting technology. In the past, careers that looked decent for white-collar workers, even gold-collar elite positions, will not be spared. Because the more knowledge-intensive work, the more need to process massive amounts of information and big data mining quickly, efficiently and accurately, which stimulates the development and application of this type of AI. After all, once the AI ​​data body runs through, it will be compared to the white-collar and gold-collar bundles. For all kinds of high welfare, the cost was greatly reduced at that time. This means that no matter you are a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a clerk, an analyst, or a programmer, intelligent robots will historically take over your positions.

For example, IBM’s famous Watson Watson was recently invited to deal with a tens of thousands of urgent leukemia terminal illnesses. The shortest time to find active gene mutations in cancer cells, it is necessary to consult up to 20 million copies of medical literature and paper materials. Stacked up to 4000 meters high, equivalent to half the height of Mount Everest, it is impossible to rely on traditional doctors alone, but Watson, a famous person in the AI ​​world, checked these documents in just 10 minutes and found this gene accurately. The mutation point helped medical experts finally save the terminally ill patients. This kind of ability does not replace manual medical treatment, what kind of ability do humans need? Compared with the top medical experts who have been studying intractable diseases for a lifetime, what is the amount of knowledge you have? People may be replaced by Watson, are you still in a hurry?

Okay, let’s not talk about scaring people right now. Now let’s use the binoculars to see the future work safety in the United States. First of all, given the limited level of digital management in our country and the limited degree of modernization, let’s not take ourselves as an example. Let’s take the American robotics industry across the ocean as a reference system. Look at the AI ​​Sina in the next 20 years. How big is the impact of the tide? Which jobs might be robbed by robots?

Tomorrow in the United States is our day after tomorrow, it may be the day after tomorrow, and of course it may be our tomorrow. Please rest assured that human society will never refuse the temptation of this new wave of AI! No matter what the consequences are, no one can stop it in the face of the huge temptation.

So, believe it or not, it is inevitable that robots will replace humans. It’s just a matter of time. The key is that you and I are already living in the symbiotic relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. The only choice we can choose is how to work with our own AI, or the view: your future income depends on how well you cooperate with intelligent robots.


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