Bill Gates was right! Tsinghua Unigroup officially announced that Chinese chips “break the ice” again

Bill Gates was right! Tsinghua Unigroup officially announced that Chinese chips "break the ice" again

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The game between Huawei and the United States has made this key technology of semiconductor chips known to more people, and our country has also begun to realize its importance. Especially after the United States revised the rules three times, Huawei’s chip supply was unsustainable, and domestic chips must make a breakthrough to effectively help Huawei solve the problem!

However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the country still relies on imports in terms of high-end chips, of which many US companies are the main source. To give a simple example, almost all domestic mobile phone manufacturers other than Huawei and Honor cannot do without Qualcomm’s chips.

Obviously, this is a very unfavorable situation for China. If you rely too much on foreign chip products, you will be restrained everywhere. If someday foreign manufacturers refuse to supply, many domestic companies will become passive and even face great risks. Therefore, in order to strive for better development space, independent research and development of domestic chips are imperative!

In fact, domestic research on chips has been started very early, and a breakthrough has been achieved from scratch, but now it is paying more attention to it. According to foreign media forecasts, as long as the pace of progress is maintained, China will become the world’s largest chip manufacturing base in 2030, surpassing the United States in one fell swoop!

Some people may think that this is just an unattainable dream, but under the comprehensive domestic layout, the dream may also become a reality. And recently, the domestic Ziguang Guoxin officially announced good news, the Chinese chip “breaking the ice” once again, ushered in a new hope!

“Break the ice” again

According to the official news of Unisplendour National Core, Unisplendour has launched the first 12nm GDDR6 memory controller interface in China, and has its own IP master chip! The GDDR6 controller interface plays an important role in the graphics chip, which can improve the performance of the GPU. It has always been a weak point in China before and is monopolized by foreign manufacturers!

But the situation is different now. Ziguang Guoxin has broken through the related technology of GDDR6, which means that the level of domestic graphics cards has been greatly improved. It is understood that compared with the previous generation of GDDR5, GDDR6 has nearly 4 times more memory capacity. If it is applied to domestic graphics cards, it will definitely have an unexpected effect.

Everyone knows that a graphics card is an indispensable hardware device for PC computers, especially some high-end computers, which must be matched with high-end graphics cards to get a better experience. This time, Ziguang Guoxin launched the GDDR6 memory controller interface, which will change the embarrassing position of domestic computers before, and it is not impossible to catch up with foreign countries!

Tsinghua Unigroup is an outstanding domestic chip giant with strength second only to Huawei HiSilicon. Although many people have not heard of its name, it is undeniable that Tsinghua Unigroup has contributed a lot to the domestic chip industry in recent years! Including the graphics card chip this time, if it weren’t for Ziguang Guoxin to stand up, we don’t know when it will breakthrough!

It can be expected that with the efforts of domestic semiconductor companies such as Huawei and Ziguang Guoxin, Chinese chips will definitely continue to advance until they completely get rid of their dependence on foreign countries! In addition, this situation also proves that Bill Gates is right. American rules will not achieve any good results, but will accelerate the rise of China’s chip industry!

Bill Gates is right

After the United States formulated new rules that did not allow major manufacturers to supply chips to Huawei, Bill Gates, the once richest man in the world, said that it would not make any sense. It would not only cause losses to many US companies but also have the opposite effect. Promote the development of Chinese chips.

It now appears that Bill Gates is quite prescient, and Ziguang Guoxin’s breakthrough is the best example! If the United States continues to persist in its wrong behavior, it will eventually fail, and our country will become the world’s largest chip base! I believe that this day will come soon, let us wait and see!

Write at the end

Although the development of domestic chips has experienced many setbacks and difficulties, as long as domestic semiconductor companies can make concerted efforts and make progress together, they will be able to achieve better development. I hope that there will be more good news coming from the country in the future, and China Chip will rise soon!

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